Crisis Center of the Plains
The Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Resource Center


Are you being abused?

Anyone can be abused, regardless of income, education, race or gender. Victims of violence share some of the same feelings.



Is your partner jealous of other relationships? The more you feel you have nowhere else to turn, the more dependent you become.


After a beating, you try to explain your injuries, saying you are accident prone.


It's your fault. If you would "act right" then your partner wouldn't have hit you.

Low self-esteem

You believe your partner's accusations that you never do anythign right and that you are stupid and wrothless. You have no confidence in your ability to live on your own.


When your partner apologizes and promises to never hit you again, you believe t. If you leave, you often return home because of promises to change.


You live in fear of what will hpapen next or that you cannot survive financially alone. You think your partner is capable of killing you.


You do not feel capable of taking any action. Small things seem monumental to you.

What is abuse?

People abuse to gain power and control over their partners. Abuse doesn’t have to be physical to be serious. Abuse includes emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse.

Emotional and Verbal Abuse

Has someone ever...

  • Ignored your feelings?
  • Yelled or shouted at you?
  • Checked up on you or followed you?
  • Acted intensely jealous?
  • Criticized you, called names or insulted you?
  • Humiliated you in public?
  • Manipulated you with lies and contradictions?
  • Made all decisions and controls your actions?
  • Keep you from working or earning money?
  • Withheld affection as punishment?
  • Threatened to hurt you or your kids?
  • Threatened suicide? 

Sexual Assault

Has someone ever...

  • Forced or pressured you to have sex?
  • Refused to accept "No" as an answer?
  • Forced sex after beating you?
  • Minimized your feelings about sex?
  • Criticized your sexuality?
  • Publicly shown interest in others?
  • Prevented you from using or has lied about using birth control?
  • Pressured you to get pregnant?
  • Joked or made demeaning remakrs about your gender?
  • Jealously accused you of cheating?